Philips 55PUS8601 review the slim case with tasteful design tv

898f5-mainThe Philips 55PUS8601 is one of the more serious TVs to be brought into the market by the company after some time. It has a native 4K Ultra HD resolution, a 55-inch panel, and has a good set of features. It also has a “Razor Slim” design, powered by Android smart TV engine, Continue reading

Samsung Gear VR 2016 review

gear-vr-review-4The Samsung Gear VR 2016, which just came out on Friday, is worth $99 if you already have a Samsung Galaxy Note 7, a Galaxy Note 5, an S6, an S6 Edge, an S7, or an S7 Edge. Continue reading

Teal is the world’s fastest it has a speed of up to 112 km

teal-_-gossamer-1-1024x576The 18-year-old recent high school graduates are in the waning moments of summer before heading off to college, Matus, a recent Waterford School grad, is heading straight to the business world with the launch of Teal Drones, Continue reading

Asus Transformer 3 Pro – Intel Core i7-6500U version with 8GB RAM

asus-transformer-3-proAsus is one of many large technology companies from Taiwan and the country’s annual Computex conference draws big announcements from such firms. Asus didn’t disappoint this year, either, unveiling the Asus Transformer 3 Pro, Continue reading

QMobile Noir J7 Price in Pakistan just Rs.18,500

img-20161020-wa0031-1-e1477047341303QMobile has launched the new J series with better features and some improved technologies. This time we are going to discuss another device of J series QMobile Noir J7 which is upgrade version of QMobile Noir J5. Let’s look at QMobile Noir J7 Review in detail.

Design wise this phone has a faux metal body with a ripple finish. This gives it a 3d effect when you look at the back from different angles. QMobile often manages to make phones look good, at least from the design aspect. On the display side of things, it comes with a large 5.5 inch HD (1280 x 720) IPS display. The resolution might make things look slightly pixelated when looked at up close but it wouldn’t be much of an issue. It is packed with octa-core 2.2GHZ processor whereas RAM is 3GB and ROM is 32GB.

In terms of connectivity the Qmobile Noir J7 includes Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, hotspot, Bluetooth V4.0, GPS. Available in the Gold color version the Noir J7 includes a 3,100 mAh Li-ion non-removable battery. Continue reading

Nintendo Switch – everything you want to know about this

nintendoswitch_hardware-0-0This morning, Nintendo announced its new home console and portable hybrid, the Nintendo Switch, along with an image boasting third-party support from some of the industry’s biggest names.

Continue reading

iPhone 7 Exploded in Australia: Reports

iphone-7-exploded-in-australiaiphone 7 exploded: An Australian man found himself with a burnt iPhone 7 and a scorched car interior. A new report suggests that the newest iPhone model caught fire in a similar fashion to the Galaxy Note 7. Continue reading

Razer blade pro 17 (2016) Has 32GB RAM & More In A Slim Body

7ea22993d86fc3c60555523512bb83abRazer blade pro 17: The company is updating its 17-inch Razer Blade Pro laptop with the Nvidia GeForce GTX 1080 graphics card like it did with the GTX 1060 in the standard Blade. What’s most impressive about this is that Razer isn’t changing the form-factor of the Blade Pro, Continue reading